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Rosenthal Meyer works with our clients and the community to educate and inform. As part of that mission, we put on webinars and in-person seminars, hosted by ourselves and by our partners. Whether they be on estate planning, business issues, real estate, or probate, we strive to ensure that our clients and partners, and the community, have the most current information.

Here, we have collected our videos and recorded webinars. If you have any questions, or want to talk about your situation in more detail, please feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Debunking Estate Planning Myths

“I don’t have an estate; I’m not rich.”

“I don’t need a will, my wife gets everything.”

“I told my kids what I want, I am sure they will do the right thing.”

These are some of the most common estate planning myths. In this webinar recorded on April 7, 2020, attorney Matthew Rosenthal broke down why these and 7 other estate planning misunderstandings can actually cause real problems. From why everyone needs a will to why family members cannot always be trusted, Matt broke down the ten most common estate planning myths.

Covid 19 Update for the Small Business

Covid-19, or the coronavirus, has changed the legal landscape for small business owners. Two federal laws – the FFCRA and the CARES Act – created new family leave policies, new loans and assistance for businesses, and new unemployment programs for people who were not previously eligible. In this webinar, recorded on March 30, 2020, Justin Meyer discussed what business owners need to know.

COVID-19 for Real Estate Professionals

With the coronavirus slowing down real estate transactions and causing some deals to be delayed, real estate professionals have to adapt quickly. In this webinar, recorded on March 26, 2020, Justin Meyer explains the force majeure clause in the standard contract and how the Florida Realtors Coronavirus addendum should be used.

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