Medicaid Planning


Planning for Medicaid comes in many forms. In long-term planning, we work with you, preparing trusts and estate planning documents to ensure that assets are protected and passed on to future generations in accordance with your wishes and that as many assets as possible are protected while still ensuring that you are able to enjoy your assets and your lifestyle.

Long-term care can be expensive. Nursing homes can cost over $10,000 per month and can rapidly deplete your savings and your legacy. We work with individuals and families to assist in planning and in protecting assets. We help to demystify the process.

We can also assist you with emergency planning, by moving assets, and drafting documents to cover those transfers. We work with you to minimize any loss of funds to Medicaid and to maximize your eligibility while ensuring that as much of your assets as possible can be passed to your children.

We can help demystify the process by explaining your options to you and helping you make informed decisions. We work with you and your family to plan for the future and to protect your quality of life.

We can help you and your family find the right fit for you. We work with consultants and planners to help you find the best care. The Medicaid process does not have to be intimidating. We work with you to make it seamless, easy, and as pain-free as possible.


We help clients prepare

Irrevocable Trusts

By putting your assets into an irrevocable trust, you create a separate legal entity to hold everything. Those assets can still be used for your support and maintenance, but by giving up day-to-day control, you limit Medicaid’s ability to come after them. We keep current on the most recent trends and changes in the law to provide as much flexibility to you with gifting strategies, even after you put your assets into trust.

Caregiver Agreements

A staple of emergency planning are caregiver agreements, which allow you to move large sums of money quickly, to heirs of any generation. These agreements allow for future generations to take their gifts immediately in exchange for providing care, past and future. Caregiver agreements are an essential part of any Medicaid spend-down plan.

Other Options

Like many things, Medicaid planning is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. To assist you in qualifying for Medicaid we perform a thorough review of your assets and advise you in how you may spend down your assets to qualify, advise on methods to save the most assets possible, and work within your goals for passing your assets to future generations.

When you have to plan for Medicaid, there is little room for mistake. Having a trusted adviser is key. Call us to set up a no-charge consultation and to learn how we can assist your family.


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