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We are sometimes asked to assist reporters who have questions about legal matters in areas in which we practice. We have collected some of our interviews and media mentions here. If you are a reporter and have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Justin can be reached at and Matt can be reached at

ASI Central, June 24, 2020

“Free Speech” Comes with a Price

“Justin Meyer, a partner at Rosenthal Meyer PLLC, which covers a wide range of practice areas including business law, says it’s this simple: If you’re wearing blue and the CEO doesn’t like blue, they can fire you and don’t even need to give a reason. What if you work at Coke and you bring a Pepsi for lunch? Same thing.”

Millionacres by Motley Fool, May 31, 2020

How Month-to-Month Real Estate Agreements Work

“Matthew Rosenthal, an attorney and a partner with Rosenthal Meyer, PLLC, in Orlando, Florida, explains that a month-to-month rental agreement functions exactly as it sounds.

‘You agree to lease a property for 30-day periods of time,’ he says.”, May 15, 2020

Are Workplace Temperature Checks Legal? Experts Weigh In

“”It is likely that there is nothing in any contract about [a pandemic], and therefore [temperature checks] will not be against the contract,” explains attorney Justin Meyer, Esq.”, May 11, 2020

When, If Ever, Do Sellers Keep the Earnest Money During Coronavirus?

“Florida Realtors have come up with a similar coronavirus addendum, however, as [Justin] Meyer points out, the addendum is not automatically added to every COVID-19 era home sale contract. In addition, the addendum does not specifically mention what happens to the earnest money:

“The addendum is not required and it does not address earnest money at all,” says Meyer. “If a date is missed by the buyer, that is where the earnest money comes into play.”

Orlando Medical News, March 8, 2020

Before You Sign: Understanding Agreements for Doctors

“The best time to negotiate a partnership agreement is when you are first getting started. Putting this off can lead to issues later, as it frequently means that you are trying to negotiate buyouts as things turn acrimonious. Business divorces can be even more difficult and stressful than a personal one – even for married spouses, the best course of action is to have a partnership agreement.”

Fit Small Business, November 6, 2019

How to Buy a Business in 7 Simple Steps 

“Business purchase contracts are not simple documents and they can involve a lot of complex issues, including litigation, intellectual property, and employees. Not having an attorney makes the deal a lot more difficult and I have seen deals collapse because the side without an attorney did not know how to move forward.”

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