How to Choose an Experienced Realtor Who Cares

With 15,885 licensed real estate agents in Orlando alone and only twelve (12%) of those licensees actually working, finding one who you can trust with possibly the most important transaction in your life, can be a challenge. The purchase or sale of residential real estate is one that happens only a few times in the course of the average American’s life, and there are many moving parts, with so much that can go horribly wrong or absolutely right. Real estate agents play a critical role in this process. Finding the right one who is interested in serving your best interests and who is skilled and trained to know how to expertly navigate this complicated transaction is vital to a smooth and successful home sale or purchase.

I believe in a culture that serves, where we seek to share awareness and support sustainable system change solutions that meet the necessities of local impact initiatives. Look for a Realtor who is engaged in the real needs of their community and who supports the core values of social and education equity and environmental sustainability. By working with and serving on boards of local non-profit organizations and public sector councils, they should act as vocal advocates, where they give their time, training, skill-set and financial resources while taking care to measure the impact in the community they serve. This is something they should hold central to everything they do, throughout their company. I firmly believe that as a small business, we play an important role in our local community and together in the global community. We commit to involvement in activities that inspire a connected and prosperous community for our clients, our partners, for our colleagues and for all.

What else should a good Realtor do to stand out? Their entire team should be highly educated and trained, with many years of experience to speak to every possible scenario in the process of serving their clients with their residential real estate needs. The strong connection to community gives us all a clear understanding of the current market conditions, overall health of our community and what is needed for it to thrive. As we serve our community we gain in knowledge and skills that we apply to serving our clients.

At Castle & Cottage we foster a “Lead with a Giving Hand” environment. Our social responsibility culture is powerfully important to the overall culture of our business. Without this ideal, we cease in opportunities to connect and thrive together.

Our message is simple. Be true to yourself. Share your knowledge. Deliver the best you have to give to your community, your work, your personal connections and your life. Remain steadfast in this commitment and open to new opportunities.

Author: Katherine Bordelon
Castle & Cottage Realty