Restrictive Covenants

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Your employees have access to your most important information – methodologies, client lists, pricing, and everything else about your business. How will you protect yourself when they leave, either to work for a competitor or start their own business? Contact us today to talk about how restrictive covenants can protect you and your business.


While the most commonly requested restrictive covenant is a non-competition agreement, that is only one of several options. In truth, it may even be the weakest. It is more important that you protect your relationships and your business information, which can be done with broader restrictive covenants.

We work with you to understand your business needs and draft specific contracts for everyone who has access to sensitive information – employees, suppliers, contractors, and others who can help your business but can also steal it.

No one thinks about the janitor, but how many drafts end up in a trash can or left on the desk at the end of the day? Nobody thinks that employees will steal clients, but an ounce of protection can cover your business far better than a pound of cure.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, or a Non-Disclosure/Non-Use Agreement is a way to protect your secrets. It is an agreement that not only prevents the other party from selling or telling other people about your business, but it prevents them from using that information after they leave. This is important because it ensures that your confidential business information – including strategies, marketing data, and client lists, stay in your company and do not help your competition.

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Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are not agreements that should be given to each employee. Understanding how to use a non-compete agreement is important and is a large part of our advice. Instead of giving every employee a non-compete, we recommend strategic use to ensure that they are enforceable.

We work with employers to identify the purpose of the non-compete and ensure that the contract is as enforceable as possible. We work with our clients to protect them by preventing key employees – employees in who the business has invested – from leaving and damaging the business.

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Non-Solicitation Agreements

Employees can become close with each other and with their clients but they would not have these connections without you. Non-solicitation agreements ensure that the introductions that you have made do not enrich your employees after they leave you.

These agreements prevent your employees, both while they work for you and after they leave, from trying to get your customers or other employees to do other things. This doesn’t just mean going to your competitor. It also prevents former employees from contacting your entire customer list for their latest MLM opportunity. The protection that this agreement provides is not just to your business, but also to your reputation.

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We work with business owners to ensure that they have the necessary restrictive covenants in place and to make sure that they are protected. Contact us today for a free consultation and to discuss what your business needs when you bring new employees into your company.


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