Freelancer and Independent Contractor Agreements


Oral agreements are never enough and it is important that contract terms be agreed to. We work with business owners and freelancers to prepare agreements that encompass what work will get done, how, and when.



Oral agreements are not worth the paper they aren’t printed on.

Having clear agreements benefits everyone – freelancers ensure that they have the terms in place that they need for what they are providing and how and when they need to get paid, and business owners know exactly what they are paying for.

For freelancers, having a standard agreement is even more important. This way, you can have your terms be consistent and ensure that you have a contract prepared to send out to each client.

We work with our clients to ensure they have fair agreements in place that protect their rights.

Intellectual Property

Any agreement with a freelancer or independent contractor needs to include an understanding on who will own the intellectual property that is created and the rights of each party. Without an agreement in place, the creator owns the intellectual property and can prevent the other party from using it at any time — even if the other party is the one that paid for it. We make sure that all of our freelancer and independent contractor agreements clearly spell out who owns the intellectual property created and who has what rights to it.

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